Couple Bracelet Color Wood Owl


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Bracelet for two hearts Wood Color Owl

The Owl Wood Color Couple Bracelet represents the very definition of romantic love.

  • Handcrafted quality : selection of superior materials and handcrafted
  • Romantic Gift: Owl Bracelet for Couple
  • Materials: Semi-precious pearls (moonstones Quartz Onyx …)
  • Bracelet size: 18 cm (elastic)
  • Adjustment: resistant cord (automatically adapts to the wrist)
  • Gender: Male Female (unisex)
  • Package contents: box of 2 couples bracelets

Made with love by our craftsmen ❤️

Our advice for use :

The Vintage Wood color of this bracelet recalls the innocent moments spent in love therefore we advise you to wear it with your other half to remind you of the best moments to spend between you .



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