Couple King and Queen Crown Bracelet


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Couple Souls Sister Bracelet King and Queen Crown

Two hearts united that is what the Couple King and Queen Crown Bracelet offers you.

  • Handcrafted quality : selection of superior materials and handcrafted
  • Romantic Gift: King and Queen Bracelet for Couple
  • Pendant material: heavy duty stainless steel
  • Bracelet size: adjustable cord by sliding (adapts to all wrists)
  • Gender: Male Female (unisex)
  • Package contents: box of 2 couples bracelets

Made with love by our craftsmen ❤️

Our advice for use :

Nothing could be more romantic than seeing two Soul Sisters following the same path for life. The King and Queen Crown Couple Bracelet will consolidate this love. Therefore we suggest you offer your loved one this Present during a romantic evening .



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