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It has become the ideal fashion accessory in recent years the pretty little girl Flower Crown for a bohemian chic style. Ideal for weddings bachelorette parties but also to embellish your hairstyle the Little Girl Flower Crown is perfect. 

  • High quality : Acrylic Roses
  • Lifespan : Eternal
  • Size : Adjustable elastic tie
  • Storage advice : keep from humidity and repeated touching

Made with love ❤️

Become a Hippie Princess with these hair accessories!

During the 1960s a culture was created in the United States: the Hippie movement. Thanks to the latter flower crowns have become a trendy accessory dedicated to peace and love. The Hippie style has had a big impact on fashion overall including the extensive use of flower crowns at weddings.

Today the fact that these flowers are often found in weddings is due to the Hippies who due to their popularity have anchored this unique tradition. Adorning their hair with flowers creates a bond with nature. 

What hairstyle with a flower crown for little girl?

Any hair color and hairstyle will look fabulous with a little girl flower crown! If you want natural flowers to become one with your hair for a more subtle look make the flower depth match the depth of your hair. To illustrate this brunettes are easily paired with red as do darker hues.

On the other hand if you want the little girl’s Flower Crown to stand out clearly choose different shades. Blond hair will go perfectly well with light pink as for redheads will be splendid with whites finally brown shades will be superb with touches of yellow.

A large majority of Crowns have a particularly balanced wire hairpins are essential in order to give flawless support. If you choose to have your hair down don’t forget to apply hairspray to your curls before positioning your crown . Lacquer on flowers is not a good combination. Now let’s talk about hairstyles if you want to make a bun or a braid we advise you to take into account the shape of the crown.

After putting the wreath on your head don’t touch the flowers make sure you aren’t the flowers.

Flower Crown for Bohemian Wedding

Even though little girl’s Flower Crowns have grown in popularity enormously at weddings or for festivals they are nothing new. The fresh flower headdress has been a highly regarded accessory by many cultures for centuries.

This magnificent floral decoration has a history and its origins. These hair accessories had a magnificent symbolism they illustrated success and a high social status. Artificial Flowers were also used as decoration at a Bohemian Wedding

It’s not just the bride a Little Girl Flower Crown is often used by bridesmaids. An Artificial Flower diffuses a harmony and a joyful atmosphere. Because of this the wedding bouquet should be selected according to this atmosphere.

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions for your wedding. Whether it concerns bouquets or floral arrangements. 

The Flower Crown a fashion accessory

Over time the flowers became a decoration woven on the traditional sets in different societies. And with increasing industrialization Hair Flower Crowns are now trendy country-style accessories. 

Millennia ago the horseshoe and the circular crown was a figure of power nobility and success. In ancient Greece and Rome Crowns were made of cloth ivy leaves and dried flowers .

Nowadays Flower Crowns follow the fashion and taste of trends. Especially dedicated to lovers of Vintage Hippie and Bohemian. It is now obvious the Flower Crown has its origins in ancient civilizations and is only gaining interest.  

Which Flower Crown to choose?

In the Eternal Kingdom you can be sure to find your happiness among the various Crowns. The Little Girl Flower Crown was made with silk petals so you can keep it for years as a souvenir.

The first thing to do is to determine the shape of Crown that is right for you in order to sublimate. For regular use the headband and hair band will be ideal. If you want to wear it on more formal occasions we recommend the Preserved Flower Crowns with foliage and the satin or lace ribbon . Our florist craftsman creates floral arrangements for women.

Now that the first step is done you need to choose the color of the flowers. Much like a bouquet of flowers White Flowers are made for weddings or for occasions such as Communion and Baptism. Now to wear it on a sentimental occasion the Red Roses are of course a great choice for the artificial head circumference.



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