Crown of White Flowers for Communion




We unveil to you today one of the most popular fashion accessories of recent years the pretty White Flower Crown for Communion and its Hippie Bohemian look. Sublime for weddings bachelorette parties but also as an accessory the White Flower Crown for Communion is irreplaceable. 

  • High quality : Acrylic fiber petals and braided outline
  • Lifespan : Eternal
  • Size : Adjustable elastic tie
  • Storage advice : keep from humidity and repeated touching

Made with love ❤️

Become a Hippie Princess with these hair accessories!

The late 1960s is virtually synonymous with hippie culture wreaths of flowers had their moment of glory with peaceful and natural meaning. Hippie culture has influenced fashion greatly thus rekindling an interest in wreaths at weddings.

Today the fact that these flowers are regularly found at weddings is due to the Hippies who due to their popularity have anchored this unique tradition. By decorating their hair with flowers they represent their connection with nature. 

What hairstyle with a Crown of White Flowers for Communion?

Any hair color and hairstyle will look fabulous with a White Flower Crown for Communion! If you want natural flowers to become one with your hair for a more subtle style choose a color in the same tones as your hair. For example brunettes are easily paired with red and darker colors.

Conversely if you want your White Flower Crown for Communion to stand out clearly choose opposing tones. Blonde hair will look great with bright pinks redheads look fabulous with undertones of white and brown hair will look great with yellows.

Most Crowns are made of a very stable wire bobby pins are needed for extra stability. For loose hair don’t forget to apply hairspray to your hairstyle before putting on the crown . Applying chemical solutions to the flowers is not a good thing. When it comes to hairstyles if you decide to do a bun or a braid it is important to do it according to the details of the crown.

After placing the crown on your head stop touching it make sure that you are not the flowers.

Flower Crown for Bohemian Wedding

While White Communion Flower Wreaths have grown in popularity immensely at weddings or festivals they have been around for a long time. The famous fresh flower headdress has been used and highly regarded around the world for thousands of years.

This floral decoration is distinguished by its history as well as its origins. These hair accessories carried wonderful meaning they represented achievement and high social status. Artificial Flowers were also used as an ornament for the bride for the Bohemian Wedding

That’s not all the White Flower Crown for Communion is often used by bridesmaids. Each Artificial Flower brings harmony and a unique atmosphere. So the wedding bouquet should be chosen according to this atmosphere.

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions for your wedding. Whether at the level of bouquets or floral arrangements. 

The Flower Crown a fashion accessory

Over time flowers have evolved as an ornament found on the traditional tunics of many cultures. Aided by globalization Hair Flower Crowns are now trendy country-style accessories. 

The circular toga and crown have always been a symbol of power eternity and glory. In ancient Greece and Rome wreaths were made of cloth ivy leaves and dried flowers .

Now Flower Crowns are fashionable and trendy. Particularly dedicated to fans of Vintage Hippie as well as Bohemian. The Couronne Fleurie has its origins in ancient cultures and is not about to go out of fashion.  

Which Flower Crown to choose?

In the Eternal Kingdom you are spoiled for choice with all Crown shapes. The White Flower Crown for Communion was made with silk petals so that you can keep it for a long time as a souvenir.

First you have to select the style of Crown that best suits you for the occasion in order to sublimate. For everyday use the headband as well as the hair band are perfect. Conversely for important occasions we recommend Preserved Flower Crowns with foliage and a satin ribbon with lace. Our florist craftsman creates floral creations for women.

We can now move on to the second step now comes the color of the flowers. Like a bouquet of flowers White Flowers are intended for weddings or for occasions such as Communion or Baptism. If you want to wear it for a romantic occasion the Red Roses will obviously be perfect for the artificial head circumference.



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