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Take advantage of the most coveted fashion accessory of recent years the pretty Little Bridesmaid Flower Crown for a bohemian chic style. Remarkable for weddings bachelorette parties and of course as a trendy accessory the little maid of honor Flower Crown is irreplaceable. 

  • High quality : Acrylic Roses
  • Lifespan : Eternal
  • Size : Adjustable elastic tie
  • Storage advice : keep from humidity and repeated touching

Made with love ❤️

Become a Hippie Princess with these hair accessories!

During the 60’s a culture emerged in America: the Hippie culture. It was with this movement that flower crowns enjoyed their glory days with peaceful and natural meaning. The Hippie style has had a big impact on fashion greatly especially the extensive use of flower crowns at weddings.

Today the fact that these flowers are often found in weddings is due to the Hippies who due to their popularity have anchored this unique tradition. By decorating their hair with flowers they represent their connection with nature. 

What hairstyle with a Crown of Flowers little maid of honor?

Every hairstyle and hair type is gorgeous adorned with flowers! If you want the natural flowers to blend into your hair for a lighter look choose a color in the same shades as your hair. For example brunettes pair easily with red just as well as darker hues.

On the other hand if you want the Little Bridesmaid Flower Crown to stand out clearly choose different colors. Blondes will go perfectly well with light pinks red hair pure white seems to be the ideal choice brown hues go perfectly with yellows.

Most Crowns have a particularly strong wire using a bar is necessary to give additional stability. When your hair is down be sure to apply hairspray to your hair before putting on your crown . Using products on flowers is not a good thing. When it comes to hairstyles if you decide to do a bun or a braid we advise you to take into account the details of the crown.

After placing the crown on your hair do not touch it any more or as little as possible make sure that you are not the flowers.

Flower Crown for Bohemian Wedding

While the Little Bridesmaid Flower Crowns have become extremely popular especially for weddings or festivals they are not new. The Fresh Flower Headdress has been used and highly esteemed all over Earth for hundreds of years.

This floral decoration has a history as well as its origins. These hair accessories had an important symbolism they represented achievement and an important social status. Artificial Flowers even appeared as dress ornaments in the Bohemian Wedding

That’s not all a Little Girl of Honor Flower Crown is often used by bridesmaids. An Artificial Flower creates a balance and a happy atmosphere. The wedding bouquet should be selected based on this harmony.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us we will help you with great pleasure for your wedding. Whether it is bouquets as much as for floral arrangements. 

The Flower Crown a fashion accessory

From year to year the flowers evolve into decoration sewn on the traditional clothes of various companies. Aided by increasing industrialization Hair Flower Crowns are now trendy country-style accessories. 

Since ancient times the horseshoe as well as the circular crowns have been a representation of authority eternity and success. Ancient Greece and Rome had Wreaths made of cloth ivy leaves and dried flowers .

It is true the Wreaths of Flowers follow fashion and very trendy. Mainly shot for those fond of Vintage Hippie and Bohemian. It is now obvious the Flower Crown dates from ancient cultures and is only gaining interest.  

Which Flower Crown to choose?

Within the Eternal Kingdom you are spoiled for choice with all Crown shapes. The Little Bridesmaid Flower Crown was made with silk petals so you can keep it as a souvenir for a long time.

The first thing to do is to determine the type of Crown that is right for you in order to sublimate. For everyday use the headband as well as the hair band are ideal. Conversely for important occasions we recommend Preserved Flower Crowns with leaves and a satin and lace ribbon . Our florist is a specialist in floral creations for women.

The model of Crown being chosen you must choose the color of the flowers. Following the same logic as a bouquet of flowers White Flowers are suitable for weddings or for such as Communion or Baptism. If you want to wear it on a romantic occasion the Red Roses will obviously be perfect for your artificial headband.



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