Owl Brown Pearl Couple Bracelet


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Romantic Bracelet Pearl Brown Owl

The Owl represents longevity and the Owl Brown Pearl Couple Bracelet represents exactly this longevity in love

  • Handcrafted quality : selection of superior materials and handcrafted
  • Romantic Gift: Owl Bracelet for Couple
  • Materials: Semi-precious pearls (moonstones Quartz Onyx …)
  • Bracelet size: 18 cm (elastic)
  • Adjustment: resistant cord (automatically adapts to the wrist)
  • Gender: Male Female (unisex)
  • Package contents: box of 2 couples bracelets

Made with love by our craftsmen ❤️

Our advice for use :

For a budding love we offer you this bracelet to ensure you a love story worthy of novels . Wear it on a special time for you.



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